For decades, the industry has relied on the sophisticated surface treatment processes implemented by Aalberts process technologies. We create the perfect solution, custom designed to individual needs. And numerous original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and customer endorsements are testament to this.

automotive industry

Our coatings for the automotive industry are of the highest quality, economical and reproducible to meet the high demands that the highly competitive automotive industry places on its suppliers.

buildings technology

Our coatings reliably protect a large number of components against corrosion or provide them with fire protection. They are used in a wide variety of industries, such as hydraulic engineering, the oil and gas industry, the chemical industry, mechanical engineering and power plant construction.

chemical industry

The chemical industry needs solutions that are both easy to clean and highly resistant to chemicals and high temperatures. For over 60 years, Aalberts process technologies has been providing the chemical industry with high-quality, innovative solutions.


reliability, effectiveness and long-term availability of systems The increasing frequency and intensity of conflicts and military clashes increases the constant pursuit of greater security. As a reliable partner, we support defense technology companies with our various coating processes and services. With more than 100 years of experience in the refinement of surfaces through various processes, […]


Yet when most of us think of e-mobility, we think of battery and fuel-cell technology for alternative drive systems. Yet that’s only part of the story. Surface treatments also play a vital role, with innovative technologies able to optimise many key areas. And in a rapidly changing market, flexibility is key, as many of these new requirements can be met by selecting the right treatment systems.

food industry

Processes in the food industry are subject to a large number of regulations. We develop the perfect industrial coating solutions for your requirements and optimize your processes significantly.

industrial conveyor

We have specialized in the production of welded assemblies made of aluminium, steel and stainless steel. You will find our customers in the industrial conveyor and weighing industry as well as in medical technology and the pharmaceutical industry. We design and produce for them according to their specifications.

jewelery industry

There are many reasons why luxury objects are coated with gold or silver. One of the reasons is certainly the decorative appearance, as well as the value that emanates from such objects.

mechanical engineering

With more than 60 years’ experience, Aalberts process technologies has earned such a reputation in the engineering sector. Each day we accurately and reliably treat individual parts, small series and medium-sized series for our demanding customers. We are true specialists when it comes to industrial services.

medical industry

Every day, medical and healthcare professionals work to protect the health and lives of their fellow human beings. But when doing so, they need to be able to rely fully on their medical equipment and instruments. High-quality industrial hardening, vacuum brazing and coatings play a key role in ensuring that this requirement is met.

oil & gas

The oil and gas industry. Machines operating under challenging conditions day after day; parts subject to strong chemical and galvanic corrosion; extreme wear and tear and massive abrasion.
We understand the harsh environments the fossil fuel industry operates in, and our heat and surface treatments are designed to protect your equipment in the field, leading to long-lasting, efficient processing.

packaging industry

We have a solution to help the industry: surface technologies. Our coatings optimize packaging machines’ durability and create the conditions required for higher speeds, which improves efficiency and leads to smoother packaging processes.

printing industry

Your partner for the development of special coatings for the printing industry we focus on economic efficiency In an increasingly digitalized world, the printing industry is becoming more dependent on economic process optimization. And while many end-consumers still prefer to hold a newspaper or book in their hands, the final price needs to be close […]