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polymer coating

Polymer coatings can be applied to a wide variety of base materials and offer long-lasting protection. They are particularly well anchored mechanically to the substrate. Additional enhancement layers allow non-stick coatings to be combined with improved sliding properties and/or high wear resistance.

surface treatment

Almost all metallic base materials can have their properties optimised with functional surface coatings using our proprietary and patented processes, regardless of whether they should be particularly hard, smooth, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, dust- and dirt-repellent, noise-reducing, cold and heat-resistant, dimensionally stable or chemically resistant.


process for the darkening of mainly ferrous materials


DURALLOY® – extremely hard, crack-free, precise, very thin and ultrapure...

Galvanic silver

Galvanic silver – very good electrical and thermal conductivity

Galvanic tin

Galvanic tin – coating for electromagnetic shielding


Characteristics of phosphating Phosphating is a chemical/electro-chemical process in which...

Wet painting

Wet painting is used to apply a surface protection coat...