rising high within aalberts - from trainee to plant manager


  • traineeships at Aalberts are a fantastic way for young talent to develop a top-flight career within the company
  • they offer participants the opportunity to get to know many aspects of the company in a relatively short period of time
  • the traineeship is renowned for teaching skills that are invaluable throughout your career


Traineeships within Aalberts are invaluable ways for young talent to learn the ins and outs of the company. For Feyza Aydin, who joined the 2018 trainee programme, it has already helped her on the road to becoming one of the youngest plant managers within Aalberts.

exploring yourself within Aalberts

“I joined the Aalberts’ trainee programme for the sort of rational reasons you’d expect from an engineer: It was the ideal place to figure out which parts of the company really took my fancy, because it offered the chance to work in a range of different roles and at different locations,” Feyza explains. “I also really liked the technical expertise of Aalberts. I studied sales engineering, I’ve always been interested in sales, and I was particularly attracted to the programme’s international dimension. It was also sold as a place where you were given the freedom to explore the job and explore yourself. And it being a company with a head office in the Netherlands was a bonus, as I was not familiar with the Dutch culture and corporate structure and was open to getting to know it.”

“the trainee program taught me some extremely valuable skills that I now put into practice on a daily basis”
Feyza Aydin (former trainee, current plant manager Aalberts process technologies)

from trainee to plant manager
One of the key aspects of the trainee programme is that it trains young talent for managerial roles, and Feyza gained responsibility quickly, being promoted to plant manager as one of the youngest plant managers in the company as she took over at the helm of Aalberts process technologies in Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany. “Becoming a plant manager was part of my 5-year plan, not my 2-year plan. Since taking over I’ve focused on streamlining the plant’s operations and looked for ways to create more efficiency.

fast-learning and decision making
Of course this is not easy, and it’s involved taking a number of big decisions in a short period of time. The trainee program taught me some extremely valuable skills that I now put into practice on a daily basis, such as people management, how to work as part of a team as well as independently, and having the confidence to present your ideas and execute your strategy. The traineeship truly helps you to be all you can be.”

At Aalberts, traineeships are viewed as a valuable way to build the company by expanding our talent pool, giving trainees the opportunity to gain knowledge and learn new skills as they develop their careers.